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Guiding Light: The Character Profiler - Michelle Bauer

Michelle is a character we saw born on our screen and SORAS before our eyes. There were multiple actresses that played her but ...

Michelle Bauer - Career

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Fango talks to Linnea Quigley, Michelle Bauer, and Brinke Stevens

Fangoria sat down with Linnea Quigley, Brinke Stevens, and Michelle Bauer to talk horror, the life of a Scream Queen, and the ...

Demon Warp

Saquatch/Alien/Zombie movie from the eighties', with no demons!

Movie Mysteries-Demented (1994) Michelle Bauer

Investigating the horror obscurity that is Demented from 1994.

Michele Bauer " Treasure Seeker " Reel

Michele Bauer | Model and Actress www.MicheleBauer.com

TERROR ON TAPE (Robert WORMS, 1983) Cameron MITCHELL & Michelle BAUER

+ clip from THE SLAYER (J.S. CARDONE, 1982) http://bbjane-meincamp.blogspot.com/

Carolin van Bergen spricht Michelle Bauer in "Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers"

Carolin van Bergen spricht Michelle Bauer als Mercedes im Trash-Horrorfilm "Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers" von 1988.

Michelle Bauer und die Männer

Michelle und die Männer aus "Alles was zählt"

Brinke Stevens Michelle Bauer Fred Olan Ray and Ted Bohus Part Two

Original Scream Queens and Directors Chiller Theater April 25th, 2015 1pm Panel featuring Brinke Stevens Michelle Bauer Fred ...

Gdg-Lt, Nov. 1996, with Rebecca Budig as Michelle Bauer - Upload 007

This episode is from November 21, 1996. Annie has taken a substance to help her conceive and then tries to seduce Josh into ...

Nex Level Breakthrough Podcast with Michelle Bauer

Welcome to my new podcast where we will he talking about the real, raw, not so pretty side of entrepreneurship, fitness and the ...

HOLLYWOOD CHAINSAW HOOKERS director Fred Olen Ray and actors Michelle Bauer and Dukey Flyswatter.

Discussion with HOLLYWOOD CHAINSAW HOOKERS director Fred Olen Ray and actors Michelle Bauer and Dukey Flyswatter.

18 WJTS in.form - Michelle Bauer (03/17/15)

Michelle Bauer with the Dubois County Special Olympics joins Bill Potter to talk about the upcoming 5k Walk/Run in this episode ...

LOST LOVER with Michele Bauer

Starring: Michele Bauer, www.MicheleBauer.com Camera: Rob Bauer Music made possible by DemerBox.

1373 Nathan Hale Dr | Michelle Bauer

Take a Virtual Tour : https://fusion.realtourvision.com/tour.php?tourid=449800&referrer=youtube.com Location Location! Situated ...

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