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Pebble Mill At One: Doctor Who (Mary Tamm, Janet Fielding and more)

Pebble Mill At One celebrated the twentieth anniversary with interviews with Janet Fielding, Mark Strickson, Mary Tamm and ...

Mary Tamm Tribute - Doctor Who's Romana

A brief tribute to the wonderful Mary Tamm whose contribution to Doctor Who cannot be overstated.

Mary Tamm Tribute 1950 - 2012

Mary Tamm (22 March 1950 -- 26 July 2012) was an English actress, best known for her role as Romana in the BBC's science ...

Mary Tamm - Wire In The Blood

Clips of Mary Tamm (aka Romana I) in Wire In The Blood.

Doctor Who Memorial | The Noblest Romana Of Them All | Babelcolour

As recommended in 'Doctor Who Magazine' issue 451, this is a personal memorial video to the remarkable Mary Tamm.

Doctor Who - Mary Tamm on Pebble Mill at One

Mary Tamm talking about her sit-com, "The Hello Goodbye Man" (written by David Nobbs of 'Reggie Perrin' fame).

Mary Tamm ("Romana #1" in Doctor Who) Wine & Dine Interview

The "Doctor Who" actress interviewed by fans around 1999 in the UK. This series of amateur-shot interviews are very hard to find ...

Sylvester McCoy and Mary Tamm in 3 Kinds of Heat

Here it is,at long last - footage of Sylvester McCoy and Mary Tamm from the 1986 action thriller "3 Kinds of Heat". This film was ...

Mary Tamm at Time Quest 2009

Mary Tamm, who played Romana in Doctor Who, is interviewed by her friend Louise Jameson at the Time Quest convention in ...

The Noblest Of Them All - Not Entirely Unlike Tea (Cover)

I'm using this wonderful song by Not Entirely Unlike Tea as a rather late tribute to Mary Tamm, who recently passed away.

Doctor Who | Short Skirt/Long Jacket | Romana I

She is touring the facility and picking up slack A Romana I fanvid Music by Cake.

Doctor Who - Mary Tamm on Lucky Numbers, 1 Oct 1977 - Noel Edmonds

Sorry for the appalling picture and sound quality!


I loved this and wanted you all to see it too =D.

Mary Tamm interviewing Louise Jameson at Time Quest 2009.

Shot in the main hall at Time Quest 2009, Barking, East London on 7th March 2009. More videos of Time Quest can be seen here ...

There's Something About Mary Tamm

My brief tribute to the late Mary Tamm, the first Romana on Doctor Who. All images, clips, and music are the property of their ...

The Doctor scares Romana (Doctor Who)

A funny scene from the Doctor Who serial "The Armageddon Factor." Property of BBC.

Doctor Who Romana 1 & 2 Tribute

Romana, companion of the 4th doctor, was one of my favourite companions. Next Time... K-9.

The Very Best of Romana: The Armageddon Factor

The Very Best of Romana is my attempt to show why Romana is such a fantastic companion (the BEST companion, in my opinion, ...

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