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Marsha Hunt (live in the UK, 1971)

Marsha Hunt (live in the UK, 1971) What is the song's name?

Marsha Hunt - Keep the customers satisfied 1970

She made me fantasies when I was young.

Marsha Hunt: Marsha [Full Album + Bonus] (1977)

On special request from one of my subscribers, Stephen Sutcliffe, here's a pleasant one-off disco album by model Marsha Hunt (b.

Marsha HUNT "Desdemona"

9 fevrier 1970 Marsha HUNT chante "Desdemona" Émissions TV, Archive tv, Archive television, tv replay live, live music, french tv ...

Deep Purple - Marsha Hunt w. Nick Simper Bilzen Festival 1969

Ex-Deep Purple bass player Nick Simper with Marsha Hunt at the Bilzen Festival 1969.


Film available on Amazon:

Marsha Hunt - Wild Thing

On audio album Woman Child (1971)

Marsha Hunt "I Walk on Guilded Splinters" | Archive INA

Abonnez-vous 9 février 1970 Marsha HUNT chante "Walk on guilded splinters" Émissions TV, Archive tv, ...

Marsha Hunt - Walk on glided Splinters (1969)

Marsha Hunt (born April 15, 1946) is an American actress, novelist, singer and former model, who has lived mostly in Britain and ...

Marsha Hunt - Keep the Customer Satisfied

Marsha Hunt performs a cover of the Simon&Garfunkel track on Italian tv-show "Speciale per voi" (Renzo Arbore).

Greer Garson keeps Marsha Hunt out of trouble

The wonderful Marsha Hunt is nothing but trouble for Greer Garson in this scene from 1945's "The Valley of Decision."

Marsha Hunt's Sweet Adversity - Trailer

A young actress, lives the American Dream in Hollywood when she is unfairly blacklisted and her career comes to a screeching ...

Marsha Hunt - Keep The Customers Satisfied [Beat Club 1973]

It's back to 1973 and this is Marsh Hunt in an appearance on the tv show "Beat Club" which was the forerunner to Musikladen.

Greer Garson meets Marsha Hunt

In 1945's "The Valley of Decision" Greer is a maid and here meets two of her troublesome charges for the first time. Greer was ...

Mayawaska - Vintage Heat 2 [Funk Mix]

The Snow fell thick last night and has confined me to my house, so I rustled up this mix to try and melt my way back out into the ...

MARSHA HUNT Keep The Customer Satisfied.wmv

American Singer,Actress & Model,Marsha Hunt covers a Paul Simon composition.

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