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Private Resort. - Leslie Easterbrook 1

Leslie Easterbrook looking very sexy and a very young Johnny Depp.

POLICE ACADEMY 7 Leslie Easterbrook mission to moscow

First time I saw this film, I was only half watching it. I nearly got whiplash when this scene came on. Leslie looks awesome! If you're ...


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Leslie Easterbrook - Police Academy (1984-88)

Leslie Easterbrook - Police Academy (1984-88)

Leslie Easterbrook & Marion Ramsey - Team Thing

"Team Thing" Written by Tena Clark, Tony Warren. Produced by Tena Clark. "Police Academy 3: Back in Training" Directed by ...

POLICE ACADEMY ⭐ Then And Now 1984 vs 2019

The Dark Knight (2008) - Cast Then And Now 1. Steve Guttenberg - Carey Mahoney 2. Kim Cattrall - Karen Thompson 3.

Batman the series

one of many sexy actresses featured during this series. I was trying to remember why I enjoyed this series as a kid, then I saw this ...

Carolina »Private Resort

Thanks for watching!!! Comment what movie you'd like me to edit next!

Wiggles and jiggles

Wiggling and jiggling movie stars Elizabeth Taylor, Anita Ekberg, Eva Six, Lynda Carter, Yvonne Craig, Annette Funicello, ...

Leslie Easterbrook at NJ Horror Con Fall 2019

One of the most fun interviews I have ever done. The amazing Leslie Easterbrook at NJ Horror Con & Film Festivalm Fall 2019.

Leslie Easterbrook in Maniacts (C) (2001)

Character: Matron Knull Property (C) of RGH/Lions Share Pictures (2001).

Superbowl 17 - Anthem - Leslie Easterbrook

Superbowl 17 - Anthem - Leslie Easterbrook.

Callahan taking over | Police Academy

Any wishes for more movie quotes?

Подглядывал из шкафа! Недооценённое

Подглядывал из шкафа! Недооценённое "Частный курорт" - фрагмент из фильма.

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