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ASSAULT ( 1971 ) FULL MOVIE ( Starring Suzy Kendall, Frank Finlay & Lesley Anne Down ) 480p

I accidentally erased some of my videos, this being one of them & so I've re-uploaded it.

10 Questions with Lesley-Anne Down

Lesley-Anne Down answers your questions.

Lesley- Anne Down ~ Linger 🌸

Beautiful Lesley-Anne Down pics to The Cranberries song Linger No copyright infringement intended. For Entertainment ...

Over the Line (Disc 2)

Lesley-Anne Down.

Popular Videos - Lesley-Anne Down

After she is released from a mental hospital, a woman obsessed with romance novels takes a job as a nanny to a handsome ...

Diana Dors--1979 TV Interview, Ann Miller, Lorenzo Lamas, Lesley-Anne Down

British bombshell Diana Dors made this rare TV talk show appearance in 1979. Also on the panel are Ann Miller, Stockard ...

Lesley-Ann Down - Her Scenes From "North And South" - Part 6

Justin finally gets what it was coming to him all along :) - And Madeline finally gets to marry Orry Main! - Lesley-Ann looks so ...

Bette Davis Eyes - Lesley-Anne Down

A tribute vid to Lesley-Anne Down.

Lesley Anne Down goes to see Dr. Phil!

Lesley Anne Down made a special appearance to surprise Robin McGraw on the "Dr. Phil Show." Robin had taped a guest ...

'Murder Is Easy' (1982) ~ Lesley-Anne Down ~ Part 5

TV Movie from 1982. Agatha Christie murder mystery set in English village. For everyone at the JowenForever Forum ...

Nomads (1986) Lesley-Anne Down Remembers Filming Nomads HD

Lesley-Anne Down recalls her time of the set of Nomads in this new interview. Grab Nomads on Blu-ray at ...

Lesley-Ann Down - Her Scenes From "North And South" - Part 1

Ah! The 19th Century and those plunging necklines! That was probably what kept Grand-grand-grand-grand-Pa begging!

Lesley-Ann Down - Her Scenes From "North And South" - Part 5

The great story continues! - Madeline keeps suffering at the hands of Justin, but eventually she breaks free... - Lesley-Ann is so ...

♥ "Hanover Street": Ms.Lesley-Anne Down

Last night (Feb 15th) I heard this music being used by a pair of skaters for their "long program" in 2010 Winter Olympics in ...

Late Night with David Letterman - 7/9/85

This is a clip from "Late Night with David Letterman" from 1985 featuring Lesley-Anne Down.

„Fackeln im Sturm“-„Madeline “: So geht es Lesley-Anne Down heute

Lesley-Anne Down feierte ihren großen Durchbruch mit der Serie „Fackeln im Sturm“. Dort übernahm sie von 1985 bis 86 sowie ...

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